Ann: wsh System Tray Icon Object (ocx)... 
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 Ann: wsh System Tray Icon Object (ocx)...

Are you feeling glum, with a serious case of System Tray Icon envy?  Those
Visual Basic programmers, they have it so easy.  There are HUNDREDS of
system tray code examples out there on the web, there is even an example
included with vb itself.  But, it isn't easy for wsh scripters... until now.

The wsh System Tray Icon ActX Object allows you to place an icon in the
system tray, and to remove it.  In addition, wshSTI will detect click events
for you.  If the user LEFT clicks on the icon, it fires a "TrayIconClick"
event.  Normally, when a user left-clicks, he/she expects a dialog to pop
up.  You may do whatever you like, but the demo sticks to convention and
pops up a wshLtWtForm dialog, (but if you prefer InternetExplorer/dhtml
dialogs feel free).  If the user RIGHT clicks on the icon, wshSTI shows a
"context menu".  After the user makes a menu selection, then wshSTI will
fire a "PopMenuClick" event, telling you which item the user selected from
the menu.

There is some limited customization available.  You may use an icon of your
own choosing.  You may also specify a "ToolTip", which will appear if the
user "hovers" the mouse pointer over your icon.   And, you may configure the
"context menu" any way you like.

The wsh System Tray Icon ocx may be downloaded from:

    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~wshvbs/index.htm

cheers, jw

Wed, 30 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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