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 Clear IP Gateways

Hello all

I tried to change the network adapter configuration with a script.
I couldn’t find a solution for removing all defined IP Gateways.

Okay I’m a VBScript and WMI greenhorn …

Could somebody give me a hint how I can solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance


Option Explicit

Const cComputerName="LocalHost"
Const cWMINameSpace="root\cimv2"
Const cWMIClass="Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration"
Const cWMIObjectName="3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI TX NIC (3C905B-TX)"

Dim objWMIInstance, objWMIInstances
Dim varElememnt, varRC

Set objWMIInstances = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!//" &
cComputerName & "/" & cWMINameSpace).Instancesof(cWMIClass)

For Each objWMIInstance in objWMIInstances
        If Mid (objWMIInstance.Caption, 12) = cWMIObjectName Then

                'Clear Gateways
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(Array(""), Array
("1")) 'okay
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(Array("")) 'okay
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(Array("")) 'Error
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(Array("")) 'Error
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(Array(vbNUllString)) 'Error
                varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(Array(vbNUllString), Array
("1")) 'Error
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(vbNullString) 'Type mismatch
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(0, 0) ' Type mismatch
'               varRC = objWMIInstance.SetGateways(Array(""), Array("")) 'Type
                If varRC Then
                        WScript.Echo varRC & ": Gateway Configuration ERROR!"
                        WScript.Echo varRC & ": Gateway Configuration successful!"
                End If
        End If

Set objWMIInstances = Nothing

Mon, 01 Sep 2003 00:02:37 GMT  
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