wsh/ jscript : BUG : array of array, 2D array 
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 wsh/ jscript : BUG : array of array, 2D array

This is not a bug in JScript.

This is a bug in your script.

Currently, you have only two arrays objects allocated : Array_One and
But you want 1+n array object, where n is the number of elements of
Array_One (Array_One.length)
because each element of Array_One has to be a new array object.
So you have to build Array_Two object INSIDE the loop, just when you change

I tried to understand your algorithm, but I'll could help you much more if
you send me/the group a sample of the file you are parsing.

Olivier Mengu

Sun, 21 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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