Process checking in NT4 with VBS 
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 Process checking in NT4 with VBS

Process checking in NT4 with VBSDino Esposito, author of Windows Script Host Programmer's Reference, has a component,
that returns a collection of processes. Each process has as its property;

ExeName    full name of the executable

This is covered in chapter 9 of his book.

However, this component would have to be installed just as well on your 800 pcs, for a WSH script
to use the component.


  I am looking for a way in VBS for checking processes. I already know how to kill a process, but first I need to be sure via a VB-script if the process is really running on the NT4 machine.

  I already asked in a newsgroup earlier, but the solution I got then was not workable for me because I then have to install WMI on 800 pc's, and I have no clue what kind of impact that has on performance etc. so I do not want to use the WMI solution.

  Anyone another idea?

  Thanks in advance.

Tue, 15 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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