{CTRL}{ALT}{DEL} w/ SendKeys ??? 
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 {CTRL}{ALT}{DEL} w/ SendKeys ???

You may have to write a dll that hooks in at a lower level - i know of a developer who has done that for a remote desktop (similar to PC Anywhere, but truckloads faster) application - at the local end you press CTRL ALT D and the software emulates CTRL ALT DEL at the remote end (Obviously you can't use CTRL ALT DEL at the local end as this brings up the six boxes) This allows you to log into the remote machine.


    No luck for me...thanks for the try though.  I am trying to have a script run at a preset time via WinAt, login, and defrag the hard drive.  Do you know of any way to get the login screen (WinNT 4.0) to show without the {CTRL}{ALT}{DEL} sequence?                  

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    Did you guys try  ^ ( % ( {DEL} ) ) ?  (The spaces are for clarity)   I
    don't know if it will work but it does make the most sense...



    shell.sendkeys "^%({DEL})"

    still doesn't work...

    Michael Harris

    Don't think you can, since it's a "special" key combination...  

    If it worked it would be:

    shell.sendkeys "^%+"

    I've tried to do the same thing to automated locking an NT workstation
    without success.

    Michael Harris

      Does any one know how to send the {CTRL}{ALT}{DEL} key sequence with
    SendKeys?  I can't seem to get all three to work at the same time...



Thu, 27 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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