Win98 WSH Login Script to Windows 2000 
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 Win98 WSH Login Script to Windows 2000

Having recently discovered Windows Script host and successfully developed a
VBS login script for Windows 2000 clients (using Group Policy and the Login
script and Folder Redirection properties - [many thanks to Ben Smith and
Michael Harris for their earlier replies in another posting]) - I would like
to do the same for our Windows 98 clients.

A) Is it possible to use a native vbs or js file (e.g login.js or login.vbs)
file without calling this from a dos batch file that would normally be used
as the login script for Windows 98 clients?


wscript.exe login.vbs

B) If we have the Group Policy setting automatically executing a login
script for any Windows 2000 client that logs in - what happens when a
Windows 98 users sits down in front of a Windows 2000 PC and logs into the
network? We he/she receive both the Group Policy script - as well as the
script in their User Profile at login?

C) Lastly - I would be extremely grateful if someone could explain how
exactly to place and specify the login script or batch file for our Windows
98 clients. Am I correct in my understanding that Windows 98 clients will
not find a login script in the Netlogon folder if it has been specified in
their user account profile using an UNC file name? I read somewhere in the
MS Knowledge base (and then lost the article) that you must specify the
location using a drive mapping that is temporarily created during the login
process - Z:? I think - is this correct? And that only NT4 or W2K clients
will successfully locate the script if a UNC path has been entered into the
login script field of their domain account user profile.

D - I)  I would really like only one - global  - login script used by every
machine that connects to the network to be executed at login (we'll use
conditionals to group membership etcetera... to branch the scrip). We'd like
as little input as possible in the account creation process in the domain
(Active Directory user accounts). At the moment entering the same line into
every single domain account - specifying the location of their login script,
is cludgy as an understatement. Group policy solves this for Windows 2000
clients - but not Windows 98 or NT4.

D-II) The only solution to D-I above at the moment that I can think of is to
write an ADSI  WSH script that creates user accounts with minimum user input
(name account ect... and a variable that specifies the location of the login
script (god help us if we ever had to change the location of the login
script - or its name for that matter).

E) Can anyone tell why when compared to Novell 3.12 or 4.X - that the whole
issue of login scripts and the login process seems to have been given birth
to as an after thought  - or accident  - at Microsoft - at least for Windows
98 clients. A guide to, or the definitive description of the Windows 98
login process and login script processing - would be gold-dust to us just

Best regards,

Anthony Bouch
Kazar Media
Phuket Thailand

Sun, 22 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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