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 Couple of things ...>


>    I have 3 problems with allowing e-mail reply-to.
>    1. Your UserID would get emailed to everyone on the list (yes, I
>    could remove that from the original e-mail)


>    2. It could become another source of SPAM (bad enough me sending
>    out the xxx stuff posted to the newsgroup)

>    3. Adding Email posts to the discussion thread

Could be difficult ... I see your point.

>    -----Original Message-----

>    <NOTE> Owing to the court case at Demon Internet, the News Server
>    has
>    been designated off-limits to all subscribers. So a newsreader is
>    not
>    going to work for the forseeable future. </NOTE>??????? ???????

Since when?

Robert Bradley

I am not a mindreader, so I don't know everything.

Thu, 07 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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