ann: a wsh Lite Weight Progress Dialog Offer 
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 ann: a wsh Lite Weight Progress Dialog Offer

This is an ole automation object which shows a "Progress Dialog" (non-Modally), allowing you to keep your users (or yourself) advised about the progress your script is making as it chugs along towards completion.  You design/build the form yourself (programmatically), using labels and a list box and/or progress bar.  The purpose of the list box is to show milestone messages, and it will scroll itself down automatically to show the most recent message posted.  The purpose of the progress bar is self-explanatory.  

Of course, you can use IE (and html pages) to show a perfectly acceptable "progress dialog".  You can even entertain your users while the script is running with gif animations that jiggle and dance.  However, IE (at well over 4 MEGS) is a little heavyweight for this task (ugh!, bloated!).  The wshLtWtPrgDlg object weighs in at a slim and svelte 25KB.  It uses much less memory, and (for older-and-slower pc's) will give you a much more snappy performance.  

A description, the object and a demo script may be downloaded from:

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~wshvbs/index.htm

happy scripting, jw

Mon, 28 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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