change DPI settings (via "Group Policy"?) 
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 change DPI settings (via "Group Policy"?)


i am running an application that is accessed with the windows terminal
In this app i cannot change the font size. This has the effect that
the font size on some clients is to small to read.
they got 17" monitors and i thought it would be ok, but the size is
still to small.

i thought i could change that via the group policy in the AD-users and
groups console. but there i found nothing. i guess one cannot change
screen related things at all from there because these are registry
settings which must be changed for each user.

i dont know.
if someone could help me out.

i would be very grateful

M. Schulze

Tue, 16 Aug 2005 19:56:09 GMT  
 change DPI settings (via "Group Policy"?)

First of all, I think this question is a bit off topic here.

It can be done through GPO, but you have to write your own .ADM file.

First get the proper registry value's that are changed while altering the
settings you want, then write your own .ADM file and add it to AD as a
custom tempate to the "administrative templates" of the "users" section of
the GPO you are using.

Microsoft has several documents regarding .ADM writing.;en-us;225087 should be a

The only thing you than need to do is clear the "show policies only"
selection when you select "View" on the "administrative templates" folder.
If you don't do this, no setting will be visible to you.

but remember, this is "old style" registry altering, and is (like NT4.0
system policies) permanent, it lacks the great features of real GPO.


Wim van Laarhoven

Tue, 16 Aug 2005 22:53:35 GMT  
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