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 Add Global group to Local Group

Add Global group to Local GroupNot sure what you intend to do. I guess you like to add the users of
a global group to a local group. You can use ADSI for that, just create
your group using the local or global group flags.

I haven't a ready to use sample that I can publish. What you can do:

Create the local group (or use an existing one)
Enumerate your global group members
Add the content to your new group.

Have a look at C. Washington's web site. There are many ADSI samples.
Download the ADSI SDK from The help contains
a lot of explanation (and the necessary flag constants) to set (old NT)
local or global groups.

G. Born

Check out the WSH Bazaar at:

  Is there an easy way to add a global group to a local group for NT??
  Is it even possible?

Tue, 17 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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