loading wsh 1.0 for w98 
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 loading wsh 1.0 for w98

> I'm trying to find a simple way to automate installs of
> Windows Script Host 1.0 on our w98 machines.  Yes, I know,
> we should update our images to include this (we have, for
> the most part), but we have some machines that have not
> yet been updated.  I'd like a one-button install for WSH
> 1.0 without having to go into Control Panel.  Anyone have
> such a thing?

Erm, I'd avoid WSH 1.0 and put 5.6 on instead.  Much more functionality, and
a couple bug fixes too.


scr56en.exe /q:a /r:n
Will do a nice silent install; I believe you'll have to reboot to activate
it though.  Change /r:n to /r:a if you want the installer to do the reboot.

Wed, 27 Jul 2005 02:46:59 GMT  
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