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 adsi new user scripts

I'm trying to write a newuser script that reads values as defined in an
Excel spreadsheet as this easier to read and I need it to do the
1. Check whether the account exists
2. Create the account in the desired OU, if possible with TS variables
3. Make the account a member of x y & z groups
4. create a mailbox in Exchange 5.5

1) I imagine pretty simple, will look into this

2) So far I have only managed to complete step 2 (without the TS part,
although at the moment I can get away with using normal profiles for

3) Am struggling here, most of my groups are in an OU called groups and
the following code appears to be struggling.
ou = oXL.activecell.Value       ' of the fom OU=groups
s = "LDAP://" + ou+"," + root       ' root = DC=Avonhead,DC=school,DC=Int
set c = GetObject(s)
Set u = c.Create("user", uname)
if not oXL.activecell.offset(0,ix).Value = "" Then
 sGroup = oXL.activecell.offset(0,ix).Value
 set oGroup = GetObject(c.s & "/" & sgroup & ",group")
 oGroup.add u.s
End If
ix = ix +1
Loop until oXL.activecell.offset(0,ix).Value = ""

 I get an error    'object doesn't support this property or method'

4) not sure where to start, can only think that from each line I create
a comma delimted text file and use the old fashioned import.  Would
prefer to be able to use WSH solely.

Does anyone havce any pointers for this.



Mon, 27 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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