WSH 2.0 Beta 1 - Known Bugs 
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 WSH 2.0 Beta 1 - Known Bugs

Hi folks. A week or two ago, someone suggested we post a known bug list for
WSH 2.0 Beta 1. The following is such a list. This list does not include
documentation errors.

Windows Script Host 2.0 Beta 1 - Known Bugs

When actual code is used below, I tend to use cscript.exe as the executable.
Unless specifically mentioned, you can assume that the bug also applies to
wscript.exe as well.

 In code examples below, I use single slashes for options. This works with
WSH 2.0, but not with WSH 1.0. You can still use double-slashes if you

There is no particular order to the bugs.

Windows Script Host property files (.wsh files) are not being generated
through the properties dialog. In addition, you couldn't set the properties
for an individual file using the /s option, either.
Doesn't work with Unicode Big Endian or UTF-8 Script files (should only
affect those running Windows 2000).
Some errors lack descriptions (the Err.Description property doesn't get
set). The ones we've found so far:

- Reading or trying to remove a registry key that doesn't exist

- Reading or trying to remove an environment variable that doesn't exist

- Invalid root in registry key

- Printer not found

WScript.GetObject will not accept a URL moniker, like the VBScript and
JScript implementations do. You should use the engine's implementation
anyway, unless using a script engine which doesn't support this
WScript.Network has two unimplemented properties: Organization and Site.
They show up in the object browser. These should be hidden properties until
we implement them.
In the XML Parser (.ws files), setting the "src=" attribute with a very long
URL will cause a GPF on Win9x or a garbage filled dialog on NT. The limit is
873 characters.
WSH event handlers hooked up with the WScript.CreateObject or
WScript.ConnectObject syntax do not have the "me" or "this" values set in
the event handler.
Sleep doesn't wake up for events. Also, Sleep doesn't calculate times over 1
second correctly.
Usage window for WScript has "Always on Top" property set. Also, the text
doesn't line up properly, making it difficult to read.
The following commands will result in more than one error being reported:

- cscript /e:foo bar.vbs

- cscript i

Syntax errors in XML code (.ws files) generate an overly aggressive
"Catastrophic failure" message.
Extended ASCII characters are not displayed correctly in dialog boxes.
Note - this can't be fixed for Win9x due to OS limitations, but it will be
fixed for NT/Windows 2000.
On a DBCS machine (Japanese, for example), a second parameter to GetObject
will cause a GPF.
When you check the HotKey property for a shortcut that doesn't have a hotkey
assigned, WSH returns a "!". Note: the shortcut doesn't have a hotkey - this
was a fault in WSH code, not in the shortcut code.
Running a script file without extension from the command line in an
directory with an extension will not work. For example, if you had a
directory called on your C drive, and a script file woo.vbs in that
directory, typing "c:\\woo" should run the script. It actually fails
with an error.
Sending a huge string to WScript.Echo would GPF. By huge, we mean something
on the order of 1MB, though you may be able to crash it with smaller
amounts. Unless you're really going crazy, you shouldn't run into this one.
You can't set a breakpoint in a de{*filter*}. (Thanks to Michael Harris - we
hadn't found that one.)

  Mike Whalen
  Windows Script Dev

Sat, 03 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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