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 "Finger" emulator

While it is relatively easy to get a user name logged on to a given machine,
it is hard to do the opposite.
I wrote a batch file that does the following to achieve the objective:
1. Using 3-rd party utility queries domain for the user's home folder
location and filters the server name.
2. Using rcmd, issues "net sessions" command on that server, pipes and
filters the output for the line containing user ID and gets the machine
name, the session was started from.

My intention now is to write VB script, that will do the same.
I can get the home server using ADSI, but have a hard time eliminating rcmd
Is there any way to enumerate sessions running on the remote server and get
the machine name user logged on to via VB script?
Or perhaps someone has a better idea or solution to the entire objective. I
certainly do not want to use clumsy "finger" from reskit.

Appreciate your response.

Mon, 10 May 2004 03:10:04 GMT  
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