how to run a program and same the output to the same console 
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 how to run a program and same the output to the same console


I am relatively new to wsh programming and am banging my head against
a wall trying to do something that I'm sure is really simple

my VBScript program is run in a console with cscript. inside it I want
to run another console program and have the output sent to the same
place as the output from my script itself (i.e. working the same as a
simple .bat file or unix shell script).

I would have expected this to be the default mechanism, but all I can
find is the run and exec methods within run always
opens up a new console which is no good. Exec doesn't do this, but
instead it hooks up the standard output to it's own streams that I am
then expected to process myself.

someone please tell me what I am missing?


Sat, 12 Nov 2005 18:19:51 GMT  
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