Trouble with VBS and IIS on Win2000 
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 Trouble with VBS and IIS on Win2000

Hello all!

I am hoping that someone will have an answer to my dilemma. For over a year
we have been using a modified version of the "findweb.vbs" script on NT
4.0/IIS 4 and it has worked great. However, in testing with Windows 2000, I
have found that this script no longer works from a remote computer.

If I run the script locally on the webserver, all is well

    C:\TEMP>cscript findweb.vbs -c localhost -w "Default Web Site"
      Web Site Number = 1
      Web Site Description = Default Web Site
        Hostname =
        Port = 80
        IP Address =

However, it I try to run the script remotely from any 2000 box, it fails

    cscript findweb.vbs -c WEBSERVER_IP -w "Default Web Site"
    No matching web found.

The problem only appears when running the script on a Win2000 box. I can run
the script from NT and query NT or 2000 servers just fine, but if the script
is run on 2000 it can only pull from localhost.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate the help.


Jim L.

Tue, 22 Jul 2003 05:18:58 GMT  
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