Long names from short. 
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 Long names from short.

I asked a question about expanding short file names into their full long
file name version several months ago.  There was no solution offered,
just a couple of requests to pass on the solution when and if I found

The only solution I could think of was to reconstruct the entire path
from drive through file name by enumerating the folders and subfolders
until a short form match for each component was found.  I used the same
approach for the file within its folder.  It makes for a fairly long
function just to do what seems a simple cosmetic housekeeping job.  I
figure if I have missed something obvious, someone will show me the
error of my ways, something like the way I learned to play solitaire as
a Boy Scout when lost in the woods. (So that I could ask direction of
the kind soul who appears out of nowhere to tell me to play the black
seven on the red eight.)

Well, I finally had enough spare time to play with the problem and offer
the following function for consideration...

' Expands a file's Short form PathName into a Long one.
' Tom Lavedas, May 1999
Function LongPathName(sName) ' As String
  Dim colF, cF, _
      sShortFolderName, sBaseName, sPathName, sShortPath
  sPathName = ""
  On Error Resume Next
    sPathName = objFS.GetFile(sName).ShortPath
  On Error Goto 0 ' (a VB construct, undocumented in VBScript)
  if sPathName <> "" Then
    sShortFolderName = objFS.GetFolder(sPathName  & "\..").Path
    sPathName = objFS.GetDrive(Left(sName,Instr(sPathName , _
    Do ' Enumerate folders and match to named file's path
      Set colF = objFS.GetFolder(sPathName).Subfolders
      For Each cF in colF
        sShortPath = cF.ShortPath
        if Instr(sName, sShortPath) > 0 Then
          sPathname = cF.Path
          Exit For
        End if
    Loop Until sShortPath = sShortFolderName
    sBaseName = objFS.GetFile(sName).ShortName
    Set colF = objFS.GetFolder(sShortFolderName).Files
    For Each cF in colF ' Enumerate files and match to named file
      if cF.ShortName = sBaseName Then
        LongPathName = sPathname & "\" & cF.Name
        Exit For
      End if
    Set cF = Nothing
    Set colF = Nothing
    LongPathName = ""
  End if
End Function

Tom Lavedas
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~tglbatch/

Sun, 04 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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