access to specified device or file is denied 
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 access to specified device or file is denied

hello, i get an access to specified device or file is denied when i try to
run my logon script.  at least i think that's what it says, the box closes
too fast for me to really see.  i'm running a very simple script which i
know works fine.  after i'm logged in i can run it w/ no problem.  but when
i try to run it as a logon script i get that error.  i think the error is
access to wscript.exe is denied... i don't think wscript.exe is even being
run for the it to execute the script.  i know the .vbs and .bat files have
the correct permissions.  what's even more confusing is the script works
fine on one of the computers but on all the others it doesn't.  i've
searched and searched and not found what the problem could be.  it's
probably something simple.  i updated wsh on all the computers to the latest
version and it still only works on one computer.  for awhile i was thinking
maybe there was a policy setting that wasn't allowing access to wscript.exe
but all the computers share the same policy so it doesn't make sense that it
works on one machine and none of the others.

any help would be appreciated,


Fri, 09 Jan 2004 08:25:15 GMT  
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