Sharing and setinfo 
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 Sharing and setinfo

Excuse me for my stupid question but i don't understand why it doesn't
This is my javascript example:
Comodo = "WinNT://FINCANTIERI-MC/" + ComputerRemoto + "/lanmanserver";
                WScript.Echo("Get Object lanmanserver -" + Comodo +
                FServObj = GetObject(Comodo);
                Comodo = Costruzione+ "$";
                WScript.Echo("FServObj.create " + Comodo);
                NewShare = FServObj.create("fileshare",Comodo);
                if (NetUse.length != 0) {
                        Comodo = NetUse.substr(0,1);
                else {
                        Comodo = DriveLetter.substr(0,1);
                Comodo = Comodo + ":\\" + Costruzione;
                WScript.Echo("Path -" + Comodo + "-");
                NewShare.Description = "Sharing Costruzione " +
                WScript.Echo("HostComputer: " + NewShare.HostComputer);
                NewShare.path = Comodo;
                NewShare.MaxUserCount = -1;
                strMsg = "Creato Sharing per Costruzione " + Costruzione
+ " come " + Costruzione + "$";
                WScript.Echo("Creato Sharing");

This is My output:

Get Object lanmanserver
FServObj.create 6059$
Path -D:\6059-
L:\batch\CreaDirCostruzione.js: Errore di run-time di Microsoft JScript:
t o metodo non supportati dall'oggetto

My Domain Name is FINCANTIERI-MC
My Server Name is MC-NTS-NS01
The DriveLetter on Remote Host is "D" and the created directory is in
The Drive letter where i do a netuse is "I"

I must use the Drive Letter of the Server or i must use the drive Letter
of the netUse.
I Can read the ADSI Help, when i double click on the .hlp file the help
say me tha it is not a correct Help File, i must have a more recent
version. Why?? I have Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 and IE4.01 Service
Pack 1 .What i need?
Can someone send me a test file of the adsi??

Thank You

Fri, 06 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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