Usable What? IE, MSXML2, or Inet Control 
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 Usable What? IE, MSXML2, or Inet Control

Getting internet resource, IE is not reliable.
For any users using internet with wrong configuration, IE fails.

MSXML2.XMLHTTP looks more reliable.
But I don't know what is required for my users in this object.
If someone has IE5.0 or later, has he proper environment for msxml2?
Enlighten me please.

Inet control is really cool, speedy, and steady. e.g. I do;
The background engine looks like follows in my machine;
It is 112kb small file. Can I use it for my users by only REGSVR32ing this

Anyway, what is the right choice for simply getting text resource in
internet for most of users?
Even worse or better is that there may be much more objects and ways getting
result from internet.
Is there another way?

Sat, 08 May 2004 23:01:02 GMT  
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