Custom WSH login *before* Client32 login? 
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 Custom WSH login *before* Client32 login?

My I ask why?

Mark Blaskie

> Hi All,

> I'm running a Netware 3.12 server with Client32 v3.1 SP2 on Win98SE.

> What I want to have is a WSH custom login screen before I invoke one of
> Novell's LOGIN*.EXEs.

> Anyone here who knows how to do that?

> What I already tried (and what doesn't work) is to replace Novell's
> LOGIN*.EXE with a VBS file, but I still get the Client32 login screen,
> thus this tells me that the Client32 login must be burned in a DLL or
> something.

> Any better (working) solutions?

>         Michael

Mon, 12 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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