newbie needs help copying files.. 
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 newbie needs help copying files..

This is from the VBScript help file:

Response.Write "Moving file to c:\tmp <br>"  
' Get a handle to the file in root of C:\.  
Set f2 = fso.GetFile("c:\testfile.txt")
 ' Move the file to \tmp directory.
 f2.Move ("c:\tmp\testfile.txt")  
Response.Write "Copying file to c:\temp <br>"
 ' Copy the file to \temp.  
f2.Copy ("c:\temp\testfile.txt")

    can someone give me an idea how i would go about simply copying specific files from one location to another.  i need to make nightly backups of mission criticial .mdb files from one network location to another on the same machine.  please dont point me to a web site, just a simple example is all i need...

    thanks SOO much..

Tue, 11 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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