Starting a window app (no UI) using window script host shell 
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 Starting a window app (no UI) using window script host shell


I have a VBScript that shell out another application.
When I run my script at the command line or the run command, all are

However, when another application (say application A) triggers the
script, my app does not start.

Could anyone give me some pointer as to why that would be?  

Could it be security issue with user account that WSH is using not being
verified by .net framework policy?  

I know the user account used by the application A can run the
application because I logged into Win2k server using that account and
run the script at command line.

Any idea?  All suggestion will be very helpful.  Thanks a lot in

The script:


Const ScriptName = "testscript.vbs"

Function Main
Dim WshShell, ShellCMD

ShellCMD = "C:\script\myapp.exe"

Main = False ' Set the default return code to failure
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Logevent 4, "Spawning: " & ShellCMD
WshShell.Run ShellCMD
Main = True
End Function

End script.

The c# application only enter some data into sql server.

Thanks very much.

Baoha Bui

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