What is it? 
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 What is it?

I do not how I got it or what it is and apparently no one else does, either!
It started when I went to Explorer or any applications like it! A small
square little error screen that says "HideWindow - Error", the message is
"File Not Found!". When I hit "OK", my system has a heart attack for a few
minutes, it makes almost impossible to work! I use to run McAfee but switch
on to Norton and it must have got by it! I research it and got the info that
it was IRC Trojan but it can not be because I have the removal tool for that
and it does not work. I was running Norton and the only help, they gave me
was to upgrade to Norton 2003 Professional, which I did and still nothing.
You know I hate these big internet companies, they sell you software that
does not work, the only answer they have is upgrade and if you need to talk
to someone they charge you $35.00 a shot. I could not get away with doing
business, like that! Anyway, does someone out there have a idea. I am
getting desperate!

Tue, 29 Mar 2005 06:27:08 GMT  
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