virus when sending email through Word 
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 virus when sending email through Word

Sounds like a virus to me, recently virus have come along
that disable all AV software. I would suggest going to one
of those online scan web sites, or if you have a dos based
disk with a virus scanner on it, do the scan from DOS
>-----Original Message-----

>I would be grateful for any assistance to a very
>perplexing problem.

>I use Office XP, Windows XP, Outlook Express 6.0 and
>Norton AntiVirus 2002.

>I emailed a plain text document about three pages long
>directly through the email function in Word via Outlook
>Express. Somehow when the file arrived in Outlook Express
>attached was a gif file that contained a slide show of
>images from recently visited web pages I had been,
>corparate symbols and photos of people I had never seen
>and other images never seen by me.

>The file passes a virus scan as does my whole system
>(definitions are up-to-date). The same file sent via Word
>but viewed in Eudora arrives with no attachment. I cannot
>replicate this problem with any other Word file.

>Thank you for any help. Happy Thanksgiving.


Fri, 20 May 2005 07:30:19 GMT  
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