Virus Problem 
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 Virus Problem

Do a registry search for "ndrbk32.dll"
If you can find the entries which contain it then try to delete them.
Also check win.ini file - the trojan can reside there too

> Using trend micro's housecall a virus named Troj
> Multask.A, a module named C:\windows\system\ndrbk32.dll
> keeps cropping up. This is a Windows ME system. I've tried
> to delete it, rename it, delete it form a minimal boot of
> the floppy but it keeps coming back. What is it, how can I
> get rid of it. My computer has been acting strange and I
> suspect this is partially the cause. Thanks Much for any
> advise.

Mon, 16 May 2005 10:37:50 GMT  
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