Outlook Express- E-Mail Security 
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 Outlook Express- E-Mail Security

Hi Fred

Are you going to get a new computer every time you get a virus?

You can get a virus at the preview pane if you do not have a good up to date AV program
that works in real time.

: When I get message, I go to message and it highlights the
: line item, if I double click, it expands and shows detail.
: Last week, I got virus, At what point does virus enter my
: system. Usually, I delete all unknown sender's, but to do
: this, I still have to get to line item and hit delete. For
: short term, how can I eliminate chance of virus. Have
: bought new computer with anti-virus, waiting for delivery.
: Thank-you for help

Sat, 14 May 2005 22:49:49 GMT  
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