How to remove Backdoor.OptixPro.12 
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 How to remove Backdoor.OptixPro.12

So this virus is quite the little {*filter*}.  Is how it works is it hooks
itself to the registry key for executable files, so that every time you
run a program it gets called first.  If you just delete the infected
file without correcting the registry key, you wont be able to run any
executable files.  In order to correctly remove this virus and have
every thing work you should follow these steps.

First, run a virus scanning program (Norton Antivirus 2002) and
determine which files are infected.  Write them down, DO NOT REMOVE YET!
 Second, run RegEdit and search for the infected files, note which
registry keys are affected.  Third, search and find out
what the infected registry keys should be.  Fourth, correct the infected
registry keys, run virus scan again and this time REMOVE the infected

In my case the infected file was c:\windows\winampw.exe.  It had
changed the
registry key to a value of winampw.exe "%1" %*, when it should have
been just "%1" %*.  I corrected the registry key, quarantined, and
then removed the virus.

So far all is well and working and there is no trace of the virus.  If
you would like to review the sources for this information they can be
found at the following web pages:
ml, http://www.*-*-*.com/ ,
http://www.*-*-*.com/ %3ben-us%3b310585.

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