IS this a virus?? 
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 IS this a virus??

Recently got a very strange window error when trying to roll out a client on
our SBS. I immediately stopped the roll out, unplugged the Cat 5 cable form
the PC, scanned the PC with the already installed Trend PC Cillan. This
found nothing so I downloaded and installed Inoculate IT Personal Edition
along with an update. I uninstalled Trend and ran the Inoculate IT. Again
this resulted in no virus being detected. There doesn't appear to be
anything wrong with this PC, it is runing W98. The error window that came up
was a standard looking window with a green title bar across the top. In the
title bar were the following characters:

((((                 H|||||||||||||||??????????|||||||aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa||

The X in the top right corner was greyed out, and there was an OK button in
the centre of the windows main body that did appear to be functional.

Has anyone seen this before?? Is it a virus, or possibly some sort of
Any help would be appreciated..

Thanks in advance

Tue, 04 Nov 2003 01:50:33 GMT  
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