Virus disabled System Restore 
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 Virus disabled System Restore

I'm pretty sure I got the Bugbear or Klez virus, it wiped
out my Outlook Express and wiped out all my System
Restore Points. Now whenever I try to create a new
Restore Point, it confirms I've created one, but when I
go back to check (going to "restore my computer to a
previous time") the window freezes up and I have to close
it by clicking the X.

Is my System Restore functionality gone permanently (or
until I reinstall the whole thing at least)? Is there any
fix for this? I've scanned my computer with the latest
McAfee update, and the Stinger standalone fix, and it
found nothing. I just want my System Restore to work.

Please, if any of you have any ideas email me at the
email address above. Thanks in advance very much.

Sat, 26 Mar 2005 13:49:51 GMT  
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