Bugbear & printer queues 
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 Bugbear & printer queues

Our network had the virus, and stinger by McAfee
sucessfully removed it.However,the infected machines are
now having trouble using the shared-network printers.AN
error message appears,saying the info could not be sent to
the required path,printer has been set offline, and to
Rebooting works,but it is very irritating for all
concerned.Bug bear has definately been removed from the
network.Tried reinstalling printer drivers,did not work
either.Does virus affect Windows in some way eg.the
registry, and do I need to reboot these machines,or is
there a way to wipe the printer settings from within
windows, and just reboot these?
Please help!

Sat, 23 Apr 2005 09:15:56 GMT  
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