Need sysrun32.exe file 
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 Need sysrun32.exe file

Copy the attached file to a floppy or copy and
paste the following text to Notepad and save
it to a floppy as "a:\exefix.reg".  Start the problem
computer, insert the floppy, click "Start", "Run",
type "a:\exefix.reg" and click "OK".





>After finding a avkiller virus in my sysrun32.exe file I
>quaran{*filter*}ed it with norton.  Rebooted my win 98 and now
>my applications files won't work, because it tells me I
>need this file.  I can't seem to find it and it dosen't
>seem to be in quarantee.  Where can I get the file?  I
>search my win98 disk and no luck.  Any help please...

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Thu, 12 May 2005 01:37:28 GMT  
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