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The message is a hoax - don't believe it, don't send it on to
other people and don't delete the file.

Your message actually turned up in a thread where
several other people have asked the same question. You
would have got a quicker answer if you had look through
past posts (this question appears several times a day) and,
or searched in google or any decent search engine.

It was the top hoax reported to Sophos last month way
ahead of the others. Some more info can be found here:




> Hello Everyone,

> Can anyone please tell me if the file jdbgmgr.exe is
> actually a virus or just a system file?

> I received an email telling me to delete the file as it is
> a virus but I've checked another PC that has never been
> connected to the net (or another PC) and it also has the
> same file.  I just need to be certain.

> Regards,

> Adam Tuck

Sun, 15 May 2005 20:57:54 GMT  
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