Help. remove virus from system restore? 
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 Help. remove virus from system restore?

Hi all,
     just virus checked with Norton and found I had w32.

now in system restore.Norton told me that I needed to
purge system restore. Asked microsoft how to do that, they
said, disable system restore and that would restart my
computer and it would be purged. I did all this and then
did another virus check and found that the virus was still
there. Norton has given me there word that it is ok to use
my computer and the virus has gone, but it is still
possible to open the virus if I restore to that date?????
   Is it possible to purge the system restore and then to
delete the virus files?????
    hope anybody can help
        Carl Gibbo

Tue, 06 Dec 2005 02:42:52 GMT  
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