BUGBEAR.1 - How annoying this is 
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 BUGBEAR.1 - How annoying this is

A bogus e-mail was sent to me this morning and in it contained the BugBear.1
mass e-mailing worm.   No files have been infected since I have the Virus
Guard up so the virus code can't execute itself and been denied access.
When i tried to move (quaren{*filter*} the bad e-mail attachment (cause I don't
open e-mail attachments), Outlook Express just crashed out with an illegal
program function error and the virus is stil in my Outlook Express DELETED
folder.....The virus itself is embedded inside the deleted.MBX Outlook
Express file which holds all the deleted E-mails that haven't been deleted
yet and wondering if I should just manually delete the attachment code that
is down at the bottom of my file to remove the encrypted code from it that
contains the worm.  Since when I go into the delete folder to try to delete
it, explorer just crashes...

Fri, 15 Apr 2005 17:26:18 GMT  
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