NAV's flaky liive update 
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 NAV's flaky liive update

My dad's PC came with Windows ME, AOL, and Norton Anti-Virus. In my opinion
he's kind of obsessing over the live update function, but just the same I
dropped by tonight to help him. And while I  consider myself fairly PC
savvy, I use McAfee and Win98, and MSN, so it's kind of like asking the
Chevy Technician to fix a Ford. Same basic principles, yet definite
differences and unfamiliarities to overcome.

Anyway...I logged him on to the internet (unlike my McAfee, NAV required a
connection be established 1st), then ran live update. At first it wouldn't
download the files. No explanation given either. Finally...I unchecked the
option to update rhe rescue disks and rechecked it and was then able to
download the files.  Don't know why that would matter (unchecking and
checking the update  rescue disk option) but it seems it worked.

After installing the downloaded updates, rebooted and decided to run live
update again to show my dad that it would say we already had the latest
version...or something like that. Guess what? It did not say that.

Instead, it now showed the same 3 files we had already updated as available
updates, and one of them was now twice as big. It was 936 kb the first time
and now was reported as1742kb. Another of the files (for the rescue disk
update) was exactly the same size as before (471kb). I allowed the files to
be downloaded and installed, figuring that maybe the first install had been

We then rebooted and re-updated the actual rescue disks again. I then went
back online again and ran NAV. Done?/?? Nope!

Again it searched for and found available updates. Two of the same original
three files, and one of them (the rescue disk update) was only 16kb. 16kb???
What the heck could be contained in such a tiny file? And why wasn't it
included with the 471kb file of the same name?

And the file that was 936kb the first time and then 1742? It was now listed
as being 1372kb. Can anyone tell me what the devil is going on, and maybe
whether it's a Norton, Aol, or Windows ME quirk?


Tue, 04 Nov 2003 12:56:29 GMT  
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