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>Last week, Norton Systemworks 2002 alerted me to the
>W32.Friendgreet.worm virus.  I have scanned the whole
>computer several times and this is what continues to
>  Item:  Install.EXE              
>  Virus Name:  W32.Friendgreet.worm              
>  Status:  Repaired failed
>  1)  It recommends to quatantine the virus
>  2)  Quarantine failed
>  3)  It recommends delete
>  4)  "You have not eliminated all viruses.  "There is
>      still 1 infection remaining."
>  Next, I tried to uninstall Friend Greetings, but a box
>opens which reads:  "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file"
>  I would be most appreciative if some one could tell me
>why I am not able to quarantine, delete, or even
>this virus.  I would love to know how to GET RID OF IT!  
>Thank you for any information/suggestions.

Thu, 19 May 2005 01:30:38 GMT  
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