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 email virus

Sounds like bugbear. look around for the free scan utilities that will work.


> >-----Original Message-----
> >I recieved an email that came from someone named Clark
> and
> >now my firewall has been disabled and Norton Virus scan
> >will not work. It has placed a program named csc on my
> >machine. My neighbor got the same email and his machine
> is
> >doing the same thing. We can not delete this progam and
> >can not start virus scan. Any help would be helpful.
> >.
> >i can only suggest you try running your anti virus in
> safe mode, restart pc and keep pressing f8, if this
> program is stopping av running hopefully it wont load in
> safe mode, then try your av.

Sat, 07 May 2005 12:23:45 GMT  
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