backdoor.trojan - popups that aren't pop-ups 
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 backdoor.trojan - popups that aren't pop-ups

Well I am a senior citizen running Windows XP and
explorer 6.0, with the monthly update from Norton Virus
scan.   Maybe 10 days ago, Norton said I had a virus
(backdoor.trojan) which Norton could not delete
(repeatedly gave me 4 messages about the virus).
I rebooted in safe mode and deleted the file in question.
Norton was then quiet.
I recently added Pop-up Stopper Companion from Panicware
and it makes an audible sound when it blocks pop-ups.
But to my untrained eye, I am still getting "pop-ups"
from several related {*filter*} sites (anarchy{*filter*}.com and
anarchy{*filter*}.com) with at least six different pages
showing up randomly. After say 4 new windows opened I get
one combination, which I close, and several windows later
I get another one of the six pages from the two sites, (I
can get any of the six pages fron either address) and it
doesn't seem to matter what site I am viewing, in fact I
even get it at this site.
  I tried StartpageGuard 2.1, spybotdll.exe 1/16/03,
adaware, the inetexplorer answers 1 & 2 and the darnit
htm, I tried unclicking in start.up, nothing shows in
task (Ctrl-Alt-Del), even looked in regedit for something.
Nothing seems to help??
Help Please, and many thanks,

Thu, 07 Jul 2005 07:05:01 GMT  
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