New Folder -> Bird Names? 
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 New Folder -> Bird Names?

Hi Folks,
Just recently I noticed whenever I create a new folder in W98SE, it
comes up named as a random bird name such as "Lark" or "Quail," not
"New Folder" as it used to.
Anyone know what's up?  No other symptoms yet, and nothing found by
Thanks for any help,

My real email address is b f 1 1 5 at l a f n dot o r g

Sat, 01 Nov 2003 06:45:37 GMT  
 New Folder -> Bird Names?
    It reminds me of a virus I caught a few years, actually it was a trojan horse; it started out by changing one or two file names and every time I booted up over the next couple of days it kept on expanding. about the 6th. time I booted after that, both hard drives were completely overwritten. I only could get a c:\ (dos prompt) and a directory listing from there...
    What I ended up with was a directory as follows:

I had to reformat the hard drives, c:\ drive I had to reformat twice until it would accept data transfer.
  Hope it does not get that bad for you, But yes call, or e-mail,  McAffees tech support, on their site, and they can recomend ways to detect a tricky Trojan.

Sat, 01 Nov 2003 12:43:59 GMT  
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