W32.Opaserv.Worm & Nimda.enc Nida.E@mm 
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 W32.Opaserv.Worm & Nimda.enc Nida.E@mm

Try this:

1. Disconnect the network
2. Use SysInfo or the program that can view process ->
find the process "SCRSVR" -> and kill process them
3. Use Regedit to Remove Virus from Run
4. Edit Win.ini to Remove Virus from Run=??
5. Del c:\tmp.ini
6. Del c:\windows\scrsvr.exe
7. Change the Sharing Files (if have) to Read Only Mode or
Password Protection
8. Go On-line -> No Virus Found


>-----Original Message-----
>I have been messing with these devils for 3 days. I
>my registry and win.ini files, however these things
>to come back.  I used the removal tools, and both
>no virus found.  I used NortonAV after obtaining the most
>recent updates with no resolve. I've also talked with a
>tech at Symantec, and hinted that they don't have a
>resolve for the (OpaservWorm.)  Could IT BE????? He
>mentioned that if I used the other tool for the Nimda
>Virus, I should be free of the infection.  Any advice
>would be greatly appreciated.

Mon, 23 May 2005 13:44:08 GMT  
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