access to UDP port 
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 access to UDP port

I had dozens of continuous access to UDP port within 4
minutes right after connecting to the Internet.

For more information, please have a look at:

One person said that I might have Trojans to enable remote-
access; but no Trojans were found when I scanned my PC
with Trojan detector (Cleaner). Is there something else
that can inform the hackers as soon as I go on-line? Your
advice would be appreciated.

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 22:42:29 GMT  
 access to UDP port

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>I had dozens of continuous access to UDP port within 4
>minutes right after connecting to the Internet.


>One person said that I might have Trojans to enable


If your firewall had detected outbound attempts from your
computer, that would have been more of a concern.  Every
internet computer receives scans inbound.

>access; but no Trojans were found when I scanned my PC
>with Trojan detector (Cleaner).

You did the right thing.

>Just having anti-virus software installed could not
>protect the machines any more (our windows98 was cracked

This indicates something is wrong.  I find antivirus
software very effective and absolutely essential.  A
firewall will not protect you from viruses.  You do need
to download updates for your antivirus program at least
weekly... I like to use Norton antivirus from and configure it to download updates

>and stopped working in the middle of downloading the
>update file of anti-virus software); so I installed
>Mcafee firewall software on my Japanese windows95.

I hope it works for you.  I hate Mcafee.
is free, so is,,

>The last time when I accessed the Internet, the setting
>was lower and I assume the firewall could not detect

Not necessarily.  Security software can and should be
tuned to ignore false alarms and events that are not
important.  Raising the security settings is not always
appropriate, if it makes you see lots of unimportant or
non-hacking events in with the real hacking attempts.

>those intruders; I was alarmed when I saw the TCP/IP
>Property dialog box appeared in English (it was
>originally displayed in Japanese!), with the settings to
>activate DHCP server and to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

This does not sound like hacking.

>I also noticed that, every time I connected to the
>Internet, the same IP address '' was assigned to
>my computer. We use telephone line to connect to the
>Internet via modem. This was the reason why our PCs were
>exposed to the attacks by hackers. I need to learn more
>about the technical details of network security (ie
>protocol setting and IP address assignment).

This does not sound like hacking or anything to worry
about.  The ISP does not always need to give you a
different IP address every time.

Sun, 01 May 2005 01:50:19 GMT  
 access to UDP port

Thank you for your reply.

There is another reason I suspect; I saw Windows log-in
dialog box pop up several times right after I went on-line
with the standard firewall setting, which did not occur
next time I connected to the Internet with the higher
setting and blocked access was recorded in the log.

Also the firewall displays one strange message, which
tells some of the IP addresses trying to gain access to
my PC are on LAN. My machine is standalone and not even
set up as web server. Any idea why I get this message?

Mon, 02 May 2005 19:24:08 GMT  
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