Need Help w/XP and EZTrust (Inoculate) 
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 Need Help w/XP and EZTrust (Inoculate)

Hi- I need set up help with Windows XP and EZTrust (Computer Associates/
Inoculate IT).

Somewhere along the line, I must have messed up my fonts -  When Inoculate
starts up, it automatically scans files.. there are also menus that open up
into Windows Boxes.

I believe they are all 'Message Box' items, as shown in 'Display Properties
((Left click desktop, properties, display properties)

These font (Message text) in the 'Message Box' is as large as the font in
'Active Window/Window Text'.  Yet it is set at Tahoma 8- no bold, no italic.
The 'Tab' the 'menu' or 'selected' font size is fine... I believe it also
affects other windows besides my anti virus, but in the case of my
anti-virus, the text within the message box is so large, much of it gets cut
off - and buttons that would be displayed if the font were the right size,
are now just beyond reach!

Any ideas??? I hope the cross post would find someone familiar with both...


Sat, 26 Jun 2004 21:49:00 GMT  
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