Object Oriented VB - Need advice 
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 Object Oriented VB - Need advice

Hi all,

I do not have my concepts clear. Can some one help me out.

1. I have a Windows Service Application which has a Custom Collection Class.
The Collection holds instances of another class. This class has mostly
properties and has look up information.
2. The Service will be multi threaded and within each thread spawns an
instance of a component.
3. Each component will need to only read this cutom collection class.

My Problem:
I have read that each thread can access the custom collection if it is
'shared' or static. MSDN says this will be thread safe.I do not know how
much to trust that statement. Plus this is my first attempt at writing multi
threaded applications. I dont know if I will suffer problems because of it
and it might be a bit too late to revert back on my model.

The second apprach I thought of is: To pass the collection By Ref to each
instance of the component. I somehow think thats the safer option. Please
correct me here if I am wrong. But how can I implement this approach? My
lack of knowledge in OO VB stumps me. Because the component will need to
import the custom collection. Should it custom collection be implemented as
a seperate component referenced by both the service and the spawned


Sun, 03 Apr 2005 02:35:54 GMT  
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