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 Access Parent Form's Menu


> I have created a public sub on the parent form as follows:

>     Public Sub modMenu(ByVal item As String, ByVal enable
> As Boolean)
>         Select Case item
>             Case "mnuAddTorqueInfo"
>                 If enable = False Then
>                     mnuAddTorqueInfo.Enabled = False
>                 Else
>                     mnuAddTorqueInfo.Enabled = True
>                 End If
>         End Select
>     End Sub

> I wish to call this sub from the child form to change menu
> item properties, however, when I try to access the sub
> from the child form, it does not show up:

> me.ParentForm....

> Also, from the child form, I am unable to create a
> ParentForm object.  I have set the IsMDIContainer on the
> parent to true, and set it as the parent form when I
> created the child.

> Any suggestions on why I am having difficulty in calling
> the sub?

> Thx

Wed, 11 May 2005 23:25:00 GMT  
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