Paradox Database with VB .NET 
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 Paradox Database with VB .NET

I asked this on the odbc newsgroup over the weekend but I'm not sure
if that was the right place.  Someone pointed me here, so...

I'm new to Visual Basic.  I've used delphi to create some small applications
but I'm far from being a professional programmer.  I have no experience
using with databases.  I'd like to be able to open and read data with from a paradox database created with another program (not mine).  I'm
able to do this with Delphi using BDE, but no luck getting it to work with
VB.  There seems to be very little on the net, msdn or mskb for a newbie
trying to use paradox v5 database with vb.  Can someone suggest a book, web
page or other source of information?

I'm able to get a data connection to the paradox tables and I can view the
tables and contents in the Server Explorer.  If I try to drag a table to my
form, I get an error "You cannot use an OLE DB provider of ODBC drivers.".
Is there another way to use a paradox database with VB.NET?  The other
problem I'm having is the paradox tables contain blob fields for long text
messages.  This field doesn't show up in Server Explorer if I view a table.

Some help for a newbie level would be greatly appreciated, even a point in
the right direction for information will be very helpful.  I have BDE
installed for the program that created the paradox databases.  Thanks.

Regards-Michael G.

Sat, 12 Mar 2005 00:13:52 GMT  
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