Wrong week number for last monday 
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 Wrong week number for last monday

Works fine for me...

  Dim cal As Calendar = New GregorianCalendar()
  Dim d As Date = #1/1/2002#

  Console.WriteLine(cal.GetWeekOfYear(d, FirstDay, Monday))
  Console.WriteLine(cal.GetWeekOfYear(d, FirstFourDayWeek, Monday))
  Console.WriteLine(cal.GetWeekOfYear(d, FirstFullWeek, Monday))


Jonathan Allen

> According to Q200299 there is a bug in oleaut32.dll that
> generates the wrong week number for last monday in the
> year.

> The problem is still there in VB.NET......
> Will MS do anything about this??!!

> Mats Larsson

Thu, 19 Aug 2004 03:52:06 GMT  
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