Excel Addin using vb.net Automation 
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 Excel Addin using vb.net Automation

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> I created microsoft Excel 2000 add in using VB.net. I used
> Extensibility project in Vb.net for addin. This addin runs
> when ever user runs the Excel.I created 5 commands buttons
> for Addin. Two invisible and three visible. I am trying to
> deploy to client machines. # out of two works i.e I can
> see the tool bar and functionality works. But the problem
> is with one machine
> The machine has Windows 2000, Office 2000(its upgrade from
> 98 to 2000 office). Installed .net framework SDK.
> For this machine when i run the installation NO ERRORS but
> when i run excel i cannot see the tool bar on the menu,
> and it does not give me any error message.

> Please find the attached Connect1.vb file for reference

Tue, 10 May 2005 04:23:45 GMT  
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