treeview - Move node, insert node 
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 treeview - Move node, insert node

I have a treeview that is already populated.  I would like to move the
selected item to a node that has a subnode and work my way down the subnode.
I guess what I'm saying is that i would like to move an item "down" a level.

Any thoughts?
Chris Thunell

Sun, 27 Feb 2005 22:53:45 GMT  
 treeview - Move node, insert node
Hi Chris,

Here is some sample code that  will do the trick. I have assumed that there
is only one child for the selected node. This child can have any number of
children but if there are more children of the selected node, they will be
You can however, follow the logic and find the siblings of the childNode
and then add, them back if you want.

        Dim curNode As TreeNode
        curNode = TreeView1.SelectedNode
        'Exit if selected node is RootNode
        If curNode Is TreeView1.Nodes(0) Then Exit Sub

        Dim pNode As TreeNode = curNode.Parent
        Dim cNode As TreeNode = curNode.FirstNode
        Dim ClonedNode As TreeNode
        'If there are any siblings to the childNode, they will be removed.
        If Not cNode Is Nothing Then
            'Clone child Node
            ClonedNode = cNode.Clone
            'Add selected Node as text to the cloned ChildNode
            'Add ClonedNode to the Parent Node
            curNode.Remove()   'Remove selected Node
            'No childNode exists for the selected Node
            Exit Sub
        End If

Hope this helps!
Bharat Patel
Microsoft, Visual Basic .NET

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Mon, 28 Feb 2005 03:50:46 GMT  
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