Minimize event free memory? dont make sense 
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 Minimize event free memory? dont make sense

I have just discovered a small problem, or big problem, or bug, or trick, or whatever u call it
i have noticed, that when an application build in is minimized (normal minimized, not hiden) it take tooo much slow memory
and even when u restore it it take low memory than what it was be4

i have just started making whole new project, so it make the Form1, and without even put any control on it or any code, just run the
empty form when it start it take 10.000k of memory, then, when u minimize it, the memory used is reduced to only 1.200k, and, when u
restore it back, the memory go up to 2.000k

i have tryied in all my projects and i 2 differents machines and it make the same thing (both in Windows 2000 pro SP3).

So, whats the sense of this? we should always minimize and restore the apps to eat less memory?

Can anyone test those things and comment here please? im really worried about this. if its possible to use 2mb of memory instead of
10mb, whats the way to automatically do it? put a me.windowstate = minimized on the load event? :)


Sun, 17 Apr 2005 10:32:01 GMT  
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